Monday, September 7, 2009

Super Saturday is now on Fab Friday!
We had some scheduling conflicts and two other activities on that Saturday,so we moved it to the night before. Dinner will be provided so come hungry and ready to craft! We are encouraging all of you with daughters ages 8 & up to bring them along. They will have their own "craft" corner to make treasures of their own.
Don't forget that we only have 3 more Sundays to get your money & orders in by the 27th.
So catch me anytime to give me your orders and feel free to drop them by my house too.
Plus be on the look out for future postings of the NEW special interest groups!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Welcome to our first ever Enrichment post!

  • This post is for Super Saturday on October 23rd from 5-9pm
  • Order deadlines are Sept. 27th
  • Dinner will be served
  • No childcare provided
This is a long post so make sure you go all the way to the bottom. The first two crafts are geared toward the Young Women, but everyone is welcome all the crafts. There are a total of 14 crafts to choose from. Have fun and hope to see you there!
If you have any questions feel free to call , the Enrichment leader Michaela Hoenigman, or the Relief Society second councilor Amie Montgomery.

Reverse Tie-dye Shirt
Bring your own tee. We got this one at the dollar store! This project does use bleach, so a solid colored shirt is necessary. Neither of us was brave enough to make our modeling debut on this blog, so my lovely daughter is modeling for us.

Paperclip Picture Holder Blocks
Paper and embellishment may vary to suit your own style.
Cute photo not included.

XOXO Glass Block
Vinyl is brown and pink. Ribbon may vary.

BOO Letters
1 hour
Scrapbook paper, ribbon and embellishments will vary. We wanted to add spiderweb, but no one had any yet! We will definitely have it for Super Saturday though!

Give Thanks Blocks
As shown. This on takes a lot of painting, so if your like me and spend most of the time talking, take that into account for time! (talk time not included in above estimate)

Goodies For Santa Plate
As shown. The plate is a charger, so it is on the large side. Stand is not included.

Pizza Pan Christmas Countdown Calender
Vinyl letters, numbers, and center star will be red and green. We did the sample in brown for the sake of having a sample. Still cute, but not what you get!
The magnet is a glass star. Ribbon will vary.

Framed Family Proclamation on vellum
This is an 8 1/2 x 11 vellum and frame. So bring an 8 x 10. Sams club or Costco can do enlargements for 1.42 as long as they are your own originals, they will not copy professional photos.

Look What I Did!! Board
Paint is either yellow, or light taupe shown. Vinyl is as black. Priceless artwork not included. Name tags are made from simple card stock and are also optional.

Got Faith? Wall Hanging
30 min
This is black with white vinyl. Ribbon will vary.

Magnetic Display Board
30 min
Choices of vinyl lettering: Recipes, Family, Messages. All in red and paint shown.

Glass Plate Picture Frame
30min-1 hour
Bring your own photo, any size. Center of plate is 6x6. The sample photo is 4x6. The time varies on how each plate. The simple one being the fastest (obviously).
The stand is included based on availability and will lower the price by $1.00 if you don't get it.

Articles of Faith Quiet book
60-90 minutes
This one was done in primary colors, but there will be a variety to choose from, IE; boy, girl etc.
Not shown, but included is a dry erase marker to draw on the blank pages with. It is all lamented for easy cleaning.

Picture Frame Message/Note board
1 hour
Ribbon and paper will vary. We will have a good variety to choose from. If you like the black and white add that in your order form.
Pen included.

I will add the dimensions on all these projects later this week. If you need an order form call either Amie Montgomery or myself ( Michaela Hoenigman). I will also post a copy that you can print off at home from this blog.
I can only accept orders with payments! We are so busy that this just makes it easy on everyone. Make checks payable to Gayla Johnson, and I will be available to take your completed orders and all payments, cash or check, any time you see me.
Order deadline is September 27th.
Feel free to call with any questions!


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